Main Street

BIG NEWS FOR DOWNTOWN Wayne!!! Michigan Main Street Center

On February 12th, we received confirmation that Wayne is officially a Main Street community.Thank you to all of the volunteers, residents, business people and city leaders who have given so much of their time, effort and resources to make this possible.  Support the Wayne Main Street program by visiting the website or by donating.

Wayne 500 Race to Main STreet


If you missed the Michigan Main Street Presentation on January 17th, 2013 it is available to watch online. Click the video below:

Here are four things you should know about the Michigan Main Street Presentation in Downtown Wayne!

It was a Great Gathering80 people attended! They were residents, business owners, property owners, school officials, city officials and more! Together they pledged more than $4,000.00 in support of the Downtown Revitalization program! We need approximately $60K, so this was a great start.


Survey Says! 
We asked everyone to rate their top 3 priority projects for the downtown. Here are the results:

#1. Destination Restaurant – 45 votes
#2. Fun activities – 38 votes
#3. Canoe Launch – 27 votes
#4. White Lights – 19 votes
#5. Coffee shop – 13
#6. Residential Development downtown – 11
#7. Outside music concerts – 10
#8. Main Street manager – 7
#9. Public Art – 6
#10. Benches – 5
#11. Christmas Décor – 2
#12. Bike racks – 1

How can you help, you ask? 

  • Say good things: Tell Your Neighbors!
  • Take walks in Downtown Wayne
  • Shop in Downtown Wayne
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Adopt a scarecrow
  • Make a holiday wreath
  • Volunteer – Help us make more good things happen. Even a couple of hours a month adds up when we all work together.

We need In-kind services: o Office space o Legal advice o Accounting/Tax adviser services o Graphic design services o Printing services

Our Biggest Need is Pledges! To advance to the “Select” level and begin receiving more than $200,000 in services, we have to be able to demonstrate the ability to pay a full-time employee for each of the five years of the Main Street Select Level Program. We need 500 people to pledge $100 per year. If you wish to make a pledge, just email your name, address and pledge amount to Payments are not due until early 2014.

Are you excited about Downtown Wayne?
Come to a Ripple Effect meeting! We meet on the Third Thursday of each month at the First Congregational Church at 6pm. We are working on a variety of projects. Whatever your interests or skills we can use your help!

Wayne Ripple Effect Downtown Revitilization Michigan Main Street

Thank you to the Wayne Update for recording the presentation and make it available for viewing on YouTube.

Questions: or call (734) 629-6822

Wayne Ripple Effect on Facebook

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