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Volunteers like you contribute unique talents, skills and knowledge to events and organizations in communities all over the world. This philosophy on what a volunteer is vital to Wayne Main Street’s belief about what we need to provide the best services possible for the stakeholders in our community.  This organization is and ought to be governed, supported and primarily staffed by volunteers.  Paid staff members are enablers of, and not substitutes for, volunteers.  We appreciate all the work that people like you do to help us achieve our mission and goals.

We want to meet your personal needs and will do our best to see that as a volunteer you will be:

  • Recognized for your efforts
  • Treated with respect
  • Given the opportunity to choose a role within the organization that you’re happy with
  • Placed in a suitable assignment that matches your skills and interests
  • Provided with the necessary training and tools to do your job
  • Encouraged to voice feedback

In return, we ask that you:

  • Support and educate the public of Wayne Main Street’s mission, goals, policies and procedures
  • Represent Wayne Main Street in a responsible and professional manner
  • Have a real dedication to downtown revitalization and historic preservation
  • Be serious about your commitment to volunteering
  • Keep the lines of communication open at all times
  • Have a good time!

Volunteering for Wayne Main Street offers you:

  • The chance to contribute to a respected and unique organization
  • An opportunity to learn more about the Main Street approach
  • Training that allows you to gain skills and knowledge
  • The opportunity to interact with many different people
  • A chance to make new friends
  • Insight into your own abilities and interests
  • A chance to develop new skills or enhance existing ones
  • A sense of camaraderie with people in the community

If you would like to serve on one of the four committees please fill out the short form below with your contact information and which committee you prefer. Keep in mind we are happy to have volunteers who are able to help in any capacity even if it is just for one project or for one hour per month.

1. Fill in your name, email and phone number.

2. Check the box of the committee you would be most interested in serving on.

3. Re-type your name in the box to confirm. 

4. Click “submit”.

Design Committee Meeting -

1st Tuesday each month

6:00 PM @ Professional Insurance Conference Room (3028 S. Wayne Rd.)

Organization Committee Meeting – 

1st Wednesday of each month -

Noon @ Professional Insurance Conference Room (3028 S. Wayne Rd.)

Promotions Committee Meeting -

2nd Thursday of each month -

6:00 PM @ Professional Insurance Conference Room (3028 S. Wayne Rd.)

Business Empowerment Committee Meeting – 

3rd Monday of each month -

6:00 PM @ Professional Insurance Conference Room (3028 S. Wayne Rd.)

Board of Directors Meeting -

1st Thursday of each month -

6:00 PM @ Professional Insurance Conference Room (3028 S. Wayne Rd.)

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